How to start a Facebook Fundraiser


Have you ever hosted a Facebook Fundraiser before? Well, it is EASY to get started! Just click to get started!


Start with the basics!

Share your story! You can see that Facebook auto fills parts, but make it your own! Tell your story, why does donor milk mean so much to you?  

 Pick a cover photo or video. And click Create!  

Now share the fundraiser with your friends and family!

Click Get Started.  

Post it to your timeline.  

Click More, to edit fundraiser, add a match donation, add organizers, or end the fundraiser early.  ​




Tips for getting friends and family involved.


1) Set a goal. Make sure your campaign goals are specific and concrete.


2) Be the first. Nobody likes to be the first. That's why it's always a good idea to get your fundraising off to a good start by making the first contribution. This will make others more likely to get involved. 


3) Use social networks and emails. Although social media is an amazing way to spread the word, it is important that you make personal connections with emails or even phone calls. It is best to start with a personal email and then follow up using social media reminders. 


4) Get a bit personal. Share your story, let people know why milk banking is important to you! People are more likely donate if they understand why you care about the organization. 


5) Have FUN! Share how excited you are to support the milk bank. Fundraising is not supposed to be a daunting task; be positive and let friends see how much fun you are having while supporting little ones. Use any of our images or create your own.


6) Thank and update. As more of your network gets behind you, keep thanking them on social media and make sure you continue to share your progress towards your goal. 


Heading 4

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