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Community is the heart and soul of the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank. 
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Lactating moms can donate their milk to help nourish fragile infants.
Make a secure one-time or monthly donation online.
Lend time and talents to help improve the health of infants in the Northwest.
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Donate Milk

Are you a lactating mom with extra breastmilk?  
You can save babies in need by becoming a milk donor.

“When you are in the NICU and your child weighs two pounds, and another mom decides to donate her milk to give your child a second chance at life, you realize… that mom just saved your baby’s life.”


         - Roshika Prakash & Baby Asha


This vital local resource makes a significant difference in the outcomes of premature and/or ill infants. Your breastmilk is not a commodity.


To us and the tiniest babies who need it most, it is

Liquid Love.


There is high demand for pasteurized breastmilk in the Northwest, and NWMMB works to quickly distribute it to as many infants as we can. Your ongoing donations are greatly needed, and they help us achieve our goal of providing this lifesaving resource to every baby in need!


On behalf of the hospitals and infants we serve,

thank you for donating love.


E-mail us at
Please include your name, phone number and the best time to reach you. 
Who Can Donate Milk?

Milk donors are screened for health concerns and communicable disease. Our donors meet the following basic requirements:

  • In good health and able to breastfeed, with a surplus of milk.

  • Currently lactating and have given birth no longer than one year ago.

  • We are able to accept milk that has been stored no longer than 4 months in a regular refrigerator/freezer or no longer than 6 months in a deep freezer.

  • Minimal use of medications and herbal supplements. Call and we’ll help determine whether a medication is safe for milk donation.

  • Willing to undergo a thorough health history screening and get free blood testing for communicable diseases.

  • Able to donate at least 100-150 ounces of milk, unless you are donating after the loss of a baby, in which case we will gladly accept any size donation.


These conditions prevent a mother from donating milk:
  • Testing positive for HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), HTLV (Human T-lymphocytic Virus), Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, or Syphilis.

  • You or your sexual partner is at risk for HIV.

  • Use of illegal drugs or products containing marijuana. 

  • Use of tobacco or nicotine products, including e-cigarettes.

  • Received a blood transfusion in the past 4 months or an organ or tissue transplant in the last 12 months.

  • Visited the United Kingdom for 3 months or more from 1980-1996



Dropping Off Milk?

  • You must be approved as a milk donor with Northwest Mothers Milk Bank before you drop off milk.

  • Collect at least 100-150 ounces of frozen milk for your initial milk donation.

  • Place your containers of frozen milk in a paper or plastic bag (e.g. a clean grocery store bag).

  • Enclose a piece of paper with your last name and your donor ID# or write your name and donor ID on the bag.

  • Complete an Illness and Medication Report [download here] to accompany your milk donation. 

  • Place your milk in an ice chest or cooler (ice not necessary) and drop it off at NWMMB, a Milk Drop, or talk with us about shipping from your home.

  • Note: some Milk Drop sites accept donations only by appointment. Please call your Milk Drop site to confirm and/or schedule a drop-off time.

No Milk Drop sites near you? No problem!
You can ship your milk directly to us.

Shipping Milk?


Have a question? Watch this short video for more information about shipping your milk.



We love what

we do, and

are SO grateful

for all of

our donors

who help Northwest

babies thrive!


Donate Funds

NW Mothers Milk Bank could not exist without private support. Your generosity makes an extraordinary difference in the lives of local infants. Whether you are a long time NWMMB supporter or giving for the first time, thank you for your commitment to helping fragile infants. 

One-Time Donation
You are impacting the long-term health of our most fragile community members.

$100 feeds a 2-pound preemie for five days
Monthly Giving
Your monthly gift will help premature babies get a healthy start on life.
Evie's Fund
Learn more about Evelyn’s Fund—a community care fund that provides milk for compromised babies.
Start a Fundraiser For Us
Starting a peer to peer fundraiser, you can make your impact grow even more.
Matching Gifts & Volunteer Grants
Many companies encourage employees to donate funds or time to their favorite charities by matching funds.
Donate Offline by Phone, Fax or Mail
If you don't want to donate online, you can donate over the phone, via fax, or through the mail.

Volunteer Opportunities

When you join our team of volunteers you will gain valuable work experience and in-depth knowledge about milk banking.

Milk Bank Volunteers help with a variety of milk bank activities, such as:


  • Accepting and recording breastmilk donations

  • Shipping out pasteurized milk

  • Assisting in the processing lab

  • Helping with office work

  • Fundraising

  • Helping at events

Computer skills are appreciated. Volunteers are most needed between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. on weekdays. We ask milk bank volunteers to commit a minimum of 2 hours per week for a period of 6 months. 

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Student Interns 

We partner with some educational programs to fulfill clinical hours. Email Lesley for more information: (Please do not call with inquiries about student internships.)


Events & Special Projects

Help on an as-need basis. Get notifications about events and opportunities by emailing us.


Board of Directors 

Board members serve a 2 year term and spend 2-10 hours per month guiding NWMMB. Current needs: experience in nonprofit and/or business management, marketing, public relations and fundraising. Please contact our Board Chair with inquiries:



You must clear a background check before beginning your service. If you are volunteering to gain professional experience please be aware that recommendation letters will be written no sooner than 4 months after your service begins.


Host a Milk Drop

Milk Drop sites are always needed.


A Milk Drop is a “mid-point” between a milk donor and the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank. Drop sites provide a friendly face in the community, help identify potential milk donors and simplify the donation process.


“Partnering with NWMMB and becoming a Milk Drop has been an asset to the services we offer breastfeeding families. It makes our patients aware of the importance of breastmilk for the health and well-being of babies in our community.”


-Birth Center Manager, Providence Newberg Medical Center


Does your facility have:

  • An accessible area for dropping off milk donations?

  • Space to accommodate a small freezer?

  • Staff or volunteers that can coordinate and pack milk donations?

  • Lab services that can perform phlebotomy (optional)?


NWMMB accepts responsibility for all donor screening, milk processing and milk distribution.

All record keeping, shipping supplies and informational materials are provided.

Contact us for more information on becoming a Milk Drop site.


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