How to Order Milk

Northwest Mothers Milk Bank provides pasteurized donor breastmilk 

by prescription or physician order to hospitals and outpatients throughout the

Pacific Northwest. We believe all babies deserve breastmilk, particularly infants in hospital neonatal intensive care units.

A note about eligibility and supply:


We depend entirely on donated milk for supply. For this reason, medically fragile infants are the first to receive donor milk.


Healthy babies can obtain donor milk only when the needs of medically fragile infants have been met.

Milk orders for infants over 4 weeks of age require medical documentation of need signed by a medical provider (chart notes).

To Order:


  • Obtain a prescription from your baby's provider with the following information:

    • Name of baby and date of birth

    • Mother's name and contact information

    • Diagnosis Code: specifying the medical or circumstantial need for donor milk

    • Volume: total daily amount of donor milk needed

    • Duration: maximum of 2 weeks*

    • Prescribing provider's name and contact information

  • Fill out our MILK ORDER FORM and fax with PRESCRIPTION to (503) 469-0962

  • Call the milk bank to check availability of milk** at 800-204-4444  or 503-469-0955


*Some babies may have a prolonged need for donor milk. Prescription extensions will be reviewed by our Clinical Director. For Milk orders for infants over 4 weeks of age, please send medical documentation to verify need.

**Orders are not final until families contact the milk bank to confirm availability of donor milk and to finalize payment and/or shipping information.

Partner with Us:

Hospitals and Clinics

NWMMB works with hospitals and clinics throughout the Pacific Northwest to collect, pasteurize and distribute donated breastmilk to babies in need. NWMMB provides donor milk to every Level 3 NICU in Oregon and many hospitals across Washington, Alaska, and Idaho. NWMMB is an accredited member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA). NWMMB follows strict guidelines to ensure the safety of donated milk through careful screening, laboratory testing, and pasteurization techniques.


How do hospitals benefit from purchasing milk from NWMMB?

  • Receive safely screened, gently pasteurized, donated breastmilk

  • Partnership with an organization supported by top medical professionals in the industry and leading national health organizations

  • Cut costs associated with NICU patient stays and reduction in NEC rates

  • Improved ability to deliver patient-centered care

  • Improved health outcomes for mothers and babies

  • Improved patient satisfaction

  • Opportunity to elevate the reputation and standards of the birthing facility

  • Support in further development of a professional environment of competence and confidence related to infant care

  • Improve m-PINC scores rated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

  • Meet Joint Commission maternity care standards for exclusive breastmilk feeding

  • Meet corporate compliance requirements



“Partnering with NWMMB and becoming a Milk Drop has been an asset to the services we offer breastfeeding families. It makes our patients aware of the importance of breastmilk for the health and well-being of babies in our community.”


   -Birth Center Manager, Providence Newberg Medical Center

Milk Drops

To partner with Northwest Mothers Milk Bank, please call us at 503-469-0955.

Milk Drops provide a friendly face in the community, help to identify potential milk donors, and simplify  the donation process. Milk Drops are convenient places for approved breastfeeding moms with excess milk to drop off their milk donations.

The milk is then shipped to and processed at NWMMB in Portland and distributed to babies in need across the Northwest.


Milk Drops can be found across the Pacific Northwest, but there is a great need for additional locations. By opening your doors as a community Milk Drop, you to make it easier for breastfeeding mothers to donate their milk, and help provide an opportunity for them to help save a life. 


Read our White Paper here. 


Read our FAQ here..

What does hosting a Milk Drop mean for you?


NWMMB supports you by:

  • Enhancing your lactation program

  • Offering joint press release opportunities to publicize your Milk Drop

  • Supporting your baby-friendly practices

  • Helping to spread the word!


All that is needed is:

  • An accessible area for dropping off milk donations

  • Space to accommodate a small freezer

  • Staff or volunteers that can coordinate and pack milk donations

  • Lab services that can perform phlebotomy (optional)


NWMMB accepts responsibility for all donor screening, milk processing, and distribution. All record keeping, shipping supplies, and informational materials are provided.  


To learn more, please call NWMMB at 503-469-0955.

Our Partners


NWMMB is a member milk bank of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) and adheres to the HMBANA standards and guidelines for donor milk banking. 


We partner with several local and national organizations to ensure quality donated milk is distributed to local babies in need:


  • Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon

  • Oregon Washington Lactation Association

  • Oregon Health & Sciences University Graduate Program in Human Nutrition

  • Human Milk Banking Association of North America

  • Portland Community College Lactation Program

p: 503.469.0955

p: 1.800.204.4444

f: 503.469.0962

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