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"When mothers are unable to breastfeed their newborns, donated human milk is the best nourishment the babies can receive. Human milk can prevent serious illnesses and feeding complications associated with premature birth." - Lake Oswego Review

"Lemmon had a condition called HELLP Syndrome, which required her to have an emergency c-section. Her daughter Kenli was admitted to the NICU and was fed with donor milk until Lemmon's own milk came in. Now, Lemmon is wanting to help other moms. 'It helped me so much,' she said, 'so obviously I want to help any of the other moms that have a premature baby or just need it in general.'" - KMTR Eugene

"The CDC correlates breast milk to a decrease in infant mortality and numerous other positives, such as boosting a baby’s immune system, fewer ear and gastrointestinal infections, and lowered risk of diabetes and obesity." - Edible Portland

"It's now irrefutable that in absence of mom's own milk, donor milk increases survival rate and improves development of vulnerable infants." -

"As a new mom, there aren't many viable options to volunteer, but donating extra breast milk is an easy way to make a big impact in families' lives." - Statesman Journal

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