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Community Care

We believe that every baby deserves the best possible start in life and that receiving nutrition from human milk is critically important. We take our role in improving the health and survival of infants very seriously. In 2014, a community care program was established, named Evie's Fund, to help to cover the costs of donor human milk for families who can't otherwise afford it.

father and mother kissing cheeks of baby face

Donor human milk is a limited resource. The demand for a safe source of donor milk continues to rise. Our supply of donor milk is dependent on the milk donations we receive from our generous milk donors. Our priority is serving the most fragile and vulnerable hospitalized infants in the Pacific Northwest first. Once the needs of hospitalized infants are met, we are able to serve babies who have been discharged home but continue to have medical needs.

A processing fee is charged for each ounce of milk dispensed to hospitals and families in the community. These fees allow us to ensure that the donated milk we receive is safe, gently pasteurized and free of virus and bacteria.  

In order to provide donor milk at reduced or no cost, we seek funding through private donations, fundraising events and foundation support. Every dollar donated to Evie's Fund supports giving back to families in our community.

Infants receive milk through Evie's Fund for a variety of diagnoses every year. Some of the diagnoses include, but are not limited to; prematurity, failure to thrive, maternal cancer, post-surgical conditions, severe formula intolerance, and complicated genetic disorders. Learn more about our community impact in our Annual Impact Report.

To be considered for Community Care through Evie's Fund:

  • Obtain a prescription from your infant's healthcare provider.

  • Submit an application by clicking the button above. You may be asked to provide additional information upon receipt of your application. Most families receive 1-2 weeks of community care. Acceptance of applications is based on supply, severity of medical need, and fund availability.

  • Consider sharing your story or learning about meaningful ways to give back to Evie's Fund.

  • Help to spread the word about the importance of human milk donation.  

To learn more or receive help with your application process, please call NWMMB at (503) 469-0955 or toll-free at (800) 204-4444

Are you interested in learning more about donor human milk?

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