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Donate Time

Join our volunteer team! You’ll learn a ton about milk banking, gain valuable work experience, and meet some incredible people.

Please note: We are currently FULL on volunteers. However, any interest forms will be held until the spring of 2024 for consideration for our summer Volunteer Squad, or in the event of a sooner unexpected volunteer opening. Thank you so much!

Our volunteers are so vital. They help us further our mission to improve the health and survival of the Pacific Northwest’s most vulnerable infants. They’re a fun and committed group, too.

woman wearing a hair covering, face mask, and apron, pouring milk into a bucket

Where Would You Like to Volunteer?

Want to join our volunteer team, but uncertain which areas of the milk bank your skills and interests would flourish?

View descriptions of areas where we could use volunteer help below. Then, click on the
Apply to Volunteer link to indicate your area/s of interest, see our Covid guidelines, and get connected with our volunteer coordinator.


You’re an admin and clerical whiz, and perhaps also one of those rare people with legible handwriting. Whether the task at hand be addressing or stamping envelopes, scanning documents, packaging gifts to honor our milk donors, or rolling bubble wrap around donor milk, you’re up for the task.


A social butterfly or creative spirit, helping plan and participate in outreach, milk donor appreciation, fundraising and blood drive events makes your heart happy.


Inspiring others to give to worthy causes is your strength. You recognize that our milk bank, as a nonprofit, couldn't exist without our community’s financial support. Passionate about getting donor human milk into the hands of more babies who need it, you find joy in writing thank you cards, making thank you calls, setting up peer-to-peer fundraising pages, or asking for donations for auctions and other fundraising events.


You are totally fluent in English and Spanish, and willing to lend your skills to translate social media, form emails, and other documents into Spanish. Fluent in a language other than English and Spanish? Other linguists are welcome to inquire!

You have great attention to detail and like to be on the move. You use those skills to open boxes of frozen milk from our milk donors, weigh the milk, and enter it into our computer system. On top of that, frequent sustained lifting of 40 lbs. or more doesn’t scare you. You figure it saves you a trip to the gym. Another perk of the job: seeing all the variations of color of frozen human milk that we receive from milk donors!


The thought of helping pour, pool, bottle or label milk for future recipient babies makes you giddy with excitement. Working alongside friendly team members to get the job done makes it even better. You prefer standing over sitting, and don’t mind sometimes repetitive tasks. In addition, you wouldn’t mind optional and occasional sustained lifting of up to 40 lbs.


Have you been touched by receiving donor milk or donating your own milk? If you are a natural speaker, you could make a great ambassador for the milk bank, and encourage others to support our mission.


You want to be—or already are—an advocate for human donor milk. In addition, you have a background in nonprofit work, healthcare, human resources, fundraising, marketing, or finance. You want to use that background to help our team make key decisions impacting the milk bank’s future success. Board members serve a two-year term. For more details, check out this video. If you have any questions about Board Service, contact

Our Volunteer Coordinator, Karen, can be reached at

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