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Pump Rentals

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Northwest Mothers Milk Bank is excited to offer hospital-grade breast pump rentals for families who reside in the Portland Metro, SW Washington, and Hood River communities. Offering affordable pump rentals was a cornerstone of the Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon and we are honored to continue this service.

woman using a breast milk pump

The number of pumps hosted by NWMMB is limited and stock may not always be available. Please complete the Pump Rental Inquiry form below. Our staff will reach out to you with further information.

Below are our cost options for pump rentals, beginning June 1, 2024: 

$65.00 per month* – Medela Symphony Breast Pump rental 

$25.00 per week* – Medela Symphony Breast Pump Rental 

$37.00* – Medela Symphony Double Pumping Kit 

*If the cost of renting a breast pump presents financial hardship for your family, please let us know. We do not want the rental fees to impact your decision to rent a pump. 


If you are interested renting a breast pump from Northwest Mothers Milk Bank, please call us at 800-204-4444.  Please call ahead to ensure a pump is available for rental.

Nursing Mothers Counsel of Oregon (NMC) provided our community with breastfeeding support and education for over 40 years. A volunteer-led organization, NMC centered around making breastfeeding support accessible for all. Many people who shared a passion for breastfeeding, committed their time to support families across the state in reaching their infant feeding goals. In 2022, NMC made the difficult decision to dissolve their nonprofit organization.  Northwest Mothers Milk Bank was honored to partner with NMC to ensure the continuation of some of their programs, including breast pump rentals at affordable pricing. 

Our organization values NMC’s mission to promote, protect, and support breastfeeding. We believe every baby should have access to human milk. Our staff and volunteers will work with you to ensure you are properly, safely and comfortably able to use your rental pump.

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