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Evie's Fund

Just four months after opening our doors in 2013, Northwest Mothers Milk Bank received a request for services from a family whose baby was fighting for her life at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Evie with her mother

Meet Evie

In 2014, Evie was the first baby to receive milk from Northwest Mothers Milk Bank as a community donation. In Evie’s honor, a community care fund was established to ensure that the processing fees for donor human milk would not be a barrier for families whose infants have medical need. Evie’s Fund is available to families by application, medical prescription, and medical necessity. Visit our Community Care page for more information and learn how to submit an application for your baby.


Graced with an engaging personality and an endearing smile, Evie's little love story began with a serious diagnosis. She was born with no immune system, which put her at risk for serious infections, and spent her first 10 months fighting for her life at Seattle Children’s Hospital. While babies with healthy immune systems safely enjoy the full benefits of unpasteurized breastmilk, pasteurized breastmilk is the safest option for babies with diagnoses like Evie’s 

NWMMB provided Evie with pasteurized donor human breastmilk every week throughout her hospital stay. Human milk helped to sustain her through many medical complications including lung infections and two bone marrow transplants. Evie’s second transplant was a success, and she is now experiencing life outside hospital walls. At seven years old, she is a serious student with just the right amount of spunk and sass – she is thriving! 

Evie is just one of many babies who have benefitted from donor human milk. Their stories are the heart of our mission: providing life-saving breastmilk to babies who need it the most. Click here to read more Little Love Stories.

Evie’s Fund is supported by grants, local foundations, and private donations. Your support ensures community care is available to provide milk for fragile babies. 

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