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Donor Milk Saves Lives

en español There is a high demand for pasteurized breastmilk in the Pacific Northwest. Currently, one in nine babies is born premature, putting them at risk for life-threatening infections, prolonged hospital admission, and lifelong disabilities. Evidence-based research shows the use of human donor milk from an accredited milk bank should be the standard of care for the supplementation of hospitalized premature and ill newborns.

photo of a mother kissing her newborn baby on the cheek

Our goal is to provide life-saving donor milk to every baby in need. Our generous milk donors make our work possible! Donors like Sayari:

“My first baby received donated breastmilk, so I wanted to pay it forward. It makes me feel like a part of the community of mothers, where irrespective of our culture, background, religion, ethnicity, we are reminded that at the end we are the same! It is a wonderful feeling to be of help, especially to newborns.”⁠

— Sayari, Washington milk recipient and donor⁠