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“At Northwest Mothers Milk Bank, our volunteers, in partnership with our dedicated and tireless staff, continue to make sure that safe donor milk is available and ready to reach neonatal intensive care units, pediatric units, hospital birth centers, and outpatient families without any delays or disruption in service.”


— Lesley Mondeaux, Executive Director 



“Our organization envisions a world where all babies, particularly the most vulnerable, have access to human milk. Now more than ever, improving the health and survival of infants is of utmost importance.”


— Lesley Mondeaux, Executive Director 



“Northwest Mothers Milk Bank is a milk bank for the community. A place where families can access life-saving human milk for their fragile infant, as well as be supported through their own breastfeeding and parenting journey.”


— Joanne Ransom, Clinical Outreach Coordinator


“For all infants, especially premature infants, mother’s own milk is always the first choice for feeding, but when mother’s milk is unavailable pasteurized donor human milk is the next best option. Without the generosity of the milk donors in the Pacific Northwest, offering donor milk to outpatients would not be possible.“


— Dr. Stefanie Rogers, Medical Director

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