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Host a Milk Distribution Site

Hospitals and clinics can expand their partnership with Northwest Mothers Milk Bank by hosting a Donor Milk Distribution Site. A Northwest Mothers Milk Bank Distribution Site enables families to fill their donor human milk prescription right there at the hospital, eliminating the added cost of travel to or overnight shipping from Northwest Mothers Milk Bank in Tigard, OR.  

volunteer putting labels on milk bottles

A Donor Milk Distribution Site plays a vital role in the community by providing convenient access to safe, pasteurized donor milk on the day of hospital discharge. Outpatient families who do not live in direct proximity to Northwest Mothers Milk Bank incur costly fees and delayed access to donor milk because it must be shipped overnight from our facility. When mother’s own milk is not yet available, the precious calories and nutrients only human milk can provide are vital to the health and growth of a newborn infant in the first days of life. 


This program entails a mutual partnership between NWMMB and a healthcare facility to meet the need for safe, pasteurized donor human milk in Pacific Northwest communities. 


The Distribution Site adheres to NWMMB storage and distribution policies that comply with those set forth by the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA)

If your hospital clinic or pharmacy would like to learn more about becoming a Donor Milk Distribution Site, please contact

Are you a medical professional seeking donor milk for a hospital?

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