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Stepping Into 2022

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As we carefully step into 2022, we celebrate our successes and look optimistically to the future. Our newest venture is writing a monthly, mission-focused blog about our programs and community connection. Welcome to our first post of the year!

photo of a newborn baby hand gripping her mother's finger

Exactly 582,555 ounces of safely pasteurized donor milk were dispensed to hospitals and outpatient families throughout the Pacific Northwest in 2021. A 32% increase, despite the continued challenges of the pandemic and subsequent strain on healthcare systems. Northwest Mothers Milk Bank (NWMMB) was able to meet the demand. This could not have been accomplished without the tremendous support of 846 milk donors – amazing community members who were willing to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable infants.

“Being able to produce milk and recognize it’s life-saving properties is remarkable. Parents who are willing to donate milk that is not needed for their own infants are true heroes. Our staff values every drop of milk, making sure it reaches the babies who need it the most.”⁠