Outpatient Donor Milk (300 mls)

Outpatient Donor Milk (300 mls)

Payment for THREE 100 ml bottles of outpatient donor milk. 


Parent Agreement for purchase of donor human milk:

Parent understands purchase is limited to SIX (6) bottles per infant as indicated on prescription.


Additional milk must be obtained from Northwest Mothers Milk Bank by calling 503-469-0955.


Once milk is purchased, milk cannot be returned.  If milk purchase exceeds order limit, Northwest Mothers Milk Bank will refund any overpayment. 

  • One Time Order

    This is a one time order!

    For additional orders please obtain a prescription from your baby's provider and contact Northwest Mothers Milk Bank to check availability of milk at 800-204-4444 or 503-469-0955. 

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